Live Catnip
Live Catnip
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Cat enjoying fresh Catnip Cat enjoying fresh Catnip
Cat rubbing on fresh Catnip Cat rubbing on fresh Catnip
Cat and owner connection Cat and owner connection
Catnip in tray Catnip in tray

Live Catnip Plants

Inspire indoor cat play with
the ultimate catnip experience

  • A Healthy Cat Treat: Relieves boredom, encourages exercise and play, stimulates appetite and eases anxiety for indoor cats.
  • Highly Aromatic: A live catnip plant is the most potent form of catnip, and the tender leaves are gentler to your cat’s mouth.
  • Indoor Wellness: Safe and non-addictive. A fresh, fun, life-enriching way to connect with Nature and enliven the indoors.
  • Live Catnip can be repotted for a continuous supply of happy.

Happy Daze
for Indoor Cats!

Catnip FAQs:
Everything you always wanted
to know about catnip, and more!

What is catnip?
A member of the mint family, Nepeta cataria is a perennial herb that is sometimes referred to as “Catmint.” The plant blooms from late Spring through Autumn with pink or lavender flowers.

Cat enjoying catnip
live Catnip in hands

Why Buy Dry? Get Live!
A fresh, wildly fun indoor cat treat!

Easy Catnip Care & Play Tips

Where to Buy Live Catnip Plants:

“Great Playtime! I bought this two weeks ago and it is just thriving! Our little cat Oscar loves to sit by it and take his daily cat naps!”


“My cat buried her face in this plant for like 30 mins straight. It was so funny to watch her. She loves it!!! She purrrrrrrrrssss!!!”


“They roll and run and just have fun!
I want my babies to enjoy their lives and experience some of the outside.”


The ONLY 3-pack of fresh, pre-grown cat grass delivered directly to your door!

Certified Organic I Includes Stay-Fresh Bag for refrigeration and long life

3 live cat grass pots and shipping box