How Can We Help?

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Where can I find images and graphics for the products you sell?

All the images you’ll need are readily available on the Retailer Portal.

Can I order through a distributor?

Yes, please send us an email at for a list of distributors in your area.

Have Pet Greens products ever been recalled?

No! We have never been subject to recall on any of our products.

Where are Pet Greens products made?

All of our all-natural products are made in either the US or Canada.

Are Pet Greens products guaranteed?

Yes, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

Where can I find pricing information?

Once your retailer account is established on the retailer portal, detailed product and pricing information is readily available.

Does Pet Greens ever have promotions?

Yes! Once your account is set up we will send you information about upcoming promotions. In addition, Pet Greens offers a 10% discount for online orders.

How can I be added to the store locator list?

Once you’ve set up your account, just send us an email at with your store name, address and phone number. We update the list with new stores periodically.

Can I place my orders online?

Yes, once your account is set up you can place orders at any time through the Retailer Portal. All orders placed through the Retailer Portal receive a 10% discount.

How do I become a Pet Greens retailer?

The easiest way to become a retailer is to set up your account through our online Retailer Portal. Just click on the Retailer Portal tab to get started.