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Are there any preservatives in Pet Greens Treats?

Yes – we do use a small amount of preservative to keep the treats fresh and prevent mold growth. We use very small amounts of sorbic acid (a natural organic compound that is the most commonly used preservative in human foods) and mixed tocopherols (a combination of different sources of Vitamin E widely used as a natural preservative that imparts health benefits as well as keeping foods safer, longer.)

Do Pet Greens Treats contain any artificial flavoring or coloring?

No – never! They are very clean treats and also contain NO animal by-products, NO corn or soy, and NO wheat gluten. Meat, fish or poultry is the #1 ingredient in all of our cat and dog treats.

Where are Pet Greens Treats manufactured?

All of our treats are manufactured in the USA, and our Self-Grow kits are assembled in either the US or Canada.

Do Pet Greens Treats contain wheat gluten?

No, you won’t find wheat gluten in any of our treats.

Can Pet Greens® All-Natural Cat Treats help with hairballs?

Because the wheat grass in the all-natural cat treats adds fiber to the diet, they can be helpful to cats with hairball issues.

What makes Pet Greens Cat and Dog Treats different from other treats on the market?

All of our cat and dog treats contain wheatgrass for added fiber and other nutritional benefits. Our healthy Cat Craves cat treats contain wheatgrass, while our green dog Li’l Treats contain a blend of wheatgrass, kale and spinach.