What treats are good for cats’ digestion and hairballs?

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What treats are good for cats' digestion and hairballs?

Pet Greens Cat Craves got a whole new look, but kept the same great recipes your pets have loved for the last 20 years. When you give your pet one of these treats you're not just giving them a delicious, nutritious snack-you're giving them something that'll improve their indoor experience!

These treats have wheatgrass in them, which is a super-nutritious source of natural fiber to support optimal digestion-it helps your pet poop and supports overall health. The treats can even eliminate the need for hairball remedies!

These delicious natural treats have chicken, poultry or fish as the number one ingredient. They also contain added fish oil, which has those nourishing omega-3 fatty acids that help promote skin and coat health.

Even though cats are carnivores, they do have a need and craving for greens. Outdoor cats eat outdoor grass to fill that need, but what does an indoor cat do? Indoor cats fulfill that need by going after your indoor plants...which isn't a good thing, because some house plants can be harmful to your pet.

The only things these treats don't have?

  • No artificial colors or flavors,
  • No animal by-products,
  • No corn or soy.

So, when you give your cat a pet greens cat craves treats, you're not just giving your pet a delicious and nutritious snack, you're giving them something that'll improve their indoor experience.