What Does Catnip do for My Cat?

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What Does Catnip do for My Cat?

Has your cat been lethargic lately? Are they bored with their toys? Have they lost interest in their food, or do they just seem stressed-out? Pet Greens has one simple solution to all of these cat-tastrophies: just a sprinkle of Pet Greens Catnip will perk them right up!

You can rub some of the catnip on their favorite toy or scratching post. Also, some cats just like to eat the catnip-the tender leaves are much nicer on their mouths than those prickly, dried varieties. And it's much tastier! I mean, look at this cat-he's having such a great time!

Indoor cats are much safer-and healthier-but they still need a connection to nature, and by giving your cat this catnip, you're providing vital life-enrichment and helping them achieve optimal indoor health!