How Can I Grow My Own Cat Grass?

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How Can I Grow My Own Cat Grass?

Why Grow Your Own Cat Grass?

Pets naturally like to chew plants, but unfortunately many indoor plants aren't safe for pets to eat. Many outdoor plants are treated with harsh chemicals. To ensure your pet is consuming plants that are pet safe, we recommend growing your own nutrient-dense Pet Greens Cat Grass right out of the Self-Grow bag.

Here's how to grow your cat grass:

  • Turn over the bag and poke 10 small holes into the bottom
  • Open the bag and remove the small packet of seeds
  • Evenly spread them and mix them into the topsoil
  • Place the bag on a saucer. Carefully pour about one cup of water into the bag
  • Place the bag in a warm, out-of-the-way place that doesn't get a lot of light
  • Check on the bag daily to make sure the soil stays moist
  • Your seeds should sprout in about three days

Once you see the little sprouts poking out of the soil, move the bag to a bright, well-ventilated location, avoiding direct sunlight. At this point you'll want to water your plant about every three days. Once your grass reaches about two inches above the top of the bag it's ready to be consumed by your pet, either right out of the bag or trimmed and sprinkled into their food. If desired, you can always put the soil in your own planter and follow the rest of the instructions from there.

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