Healthy Dog Treats for Training and Small Dogs

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Healthy Dog Treats for Training and Small Dogs

Pet Greens Li'l Treats for dogs provide natural wellness for small dogs and puppies, while making great training treats for larger dogs as well. The unique recipe created by PetGreens contains an infusion of wheat grass as well as other super greens like kale and spinach. These are both highly nutritious and provide great natural fiber to support optimal health and digestion.

Most dogs love all four flavors of these soft and chewy mini treats. While you may notice that the packaging has been refreshed, be assured that Pet Greens has not changed the recipes one bit - why mess with success? We make a flavorful variety of mini treats that your dogs are sure to enjoy: there's Chicken, Lamb, Salmon, and Bacon and Cheese Recipes.

People may wonder why their dogs eat grass. Dogs are generally thought of as omnivores with an emphasis on protein, but they do have a need and a craving for greens, and they will often eat harsh outdoor grasses to fill that need. Experts believe that before animals were domesticated, greens were part of their daily diet, consumed from the digestive tracts of prey animals that they hunted. Since most dogs and other small pets spend most of their time indoors these days, we can satisfy those cravings by bringing the outdoors in and providing this vital source of the healthy greens they need.

These super delicious natural mini treats have meat, poultry or fish as their number one ingredient, and contain added fish oil with nourishing omega - 3 fatty acids for skin and coat health!

Pet Greens have absolutely no artificial colors and flavors, no animal by-products, no corn, and no soy. So you can know you're doing something good for your dog when you give them a treat - and most importantly, they'll know that you love them!